Our foundation works tirelessly to uplift underprivileged individuals and marginalized communities, providing them with opportunities for growth, development, and a brighter future.

Our Highlighted Features

Social Wellfare Minority, SC/ST

Social welfare programs for minorities and Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST) are critical components of inclusive development strategies in many countries. These programs aim to address historical disadvantages and promote socio-economic equity among marginalized communities.

Education and Short term Skill Development Traning

Together, education and short-term skill development training contribute to building a skilled workforce, fostering innovation, and driving economic growth. They empower individuals to succeed in their chosen fields and contribute meaningfully to society.

Cultural Development

Cultural development encompasses the nurturing and promotion of artistic, intellectual, and traditional expressions within a society. It involves preserving heritage, supporting artistic endeavors, promoting cultural diversity, and fostering creativity.

What we do


Seminar on National Integration and Communal Harmony

Livelihood Promotion

Training programme for rural youths of backward communities on fish- culture


Awareness programme on nutrition and consumption and production of Energy

Sports And Games

287 students completed bachelor of physical education from our colleges

Environmental Protection

Gitanjali Foundation as planted 4550 siblings and saplings of different plants

National Integration

Gitanjali Foundation has organized a seminar on national integration


The Gitanjali Foundation is a stalwart non-profit charitable organization, dedicatedly working towards the upliftment and empowerment of the backward and marginalized communities within our society. Since our establishment in the year 2014, we have been driven by the core mission to democratize quality education, making it accessible to those who have been historically underprivileged.

One of the primary institutions under our banner is the Gitanjali Public School, a senior secondary school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This institution has been a lighthouse for the impoverished, illuminating the dark corridors of illiteracy and igniting hope in the minds of countless students. We firmly believe that education is an instrument of transformation, and to that end, we offer free education to students coming from economically challenged backgrounds. This initiative equips them with the necessary academic and life skills to overcome their circumstances, creating a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

To bolster our commitment to comprehensive education, we also run the Gitanjali College of Physical Education. Recognizing the crucial role that physical education plays in the overall development of individuals, we set out to create a platform that provides specialized courses in this field. The college offers Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P. Ed.) and Master of Physical Education (M.P. Ed.) degrees, thereby enriching the skillset of those who are eager to carve out a career in physical education and sports.

Our journey, while gratifying, has been strewn with obstacles. The founders of Gitanjali Foundation faced significant hardships during the process of establishing the trust. Their struggle was monumental, but their unyielding determination, spurred by a burning passion for social reform, overcame all odds.



Relief Camp To Comfort Covid 19 Situation

Women's Empowerment Program


At Gitanjali Foundation, our portfolio of endeavors is meticulously curated, transcending the conventional boundaries of philanthropy to embrace the holistic welfare of the backward classes in the remote district of West Bengal. Our profusion of activities is categorically stratified into three interlinked echelons, encompassing economic, social, and psychological support. Economically, we empower the local populace through vocational training programs and financial literacy workshops, fostering self-sufficiency and nurturing entrepreneurial potential. Our social interventions revolve around elevating societal infrastructure, emphasizing the rectification of ingrained societal disparities, promulgation of inclusive education, and health consciousness. Our psychological support initiatives offer a robust continuum of care, from mitigating the insidious effects of mental health stigma to proffering access to professional mental health resources. In an assiduous effort to attenuate socio-economic marginalization, our multidimensional approach is designed to engender sustainable development and galvanize an epoch of unprecedented prosperity amongst the disenfranchised communities.


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